WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

TFV12 Prince coils

Resistance: Mesh

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Resistance: Q4

Price:  $ 17.95 
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Resistance: X6

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Resistance: T10

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Resistance: M4

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Resistance: Triple Mesh

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Resistance: Strip

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Resistance: Max Mesh

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TFV12 Prince coils by SMOK (3-pack)

Please refer to the list below for the recommended wattage ranges:

V12 Prince Q4
(.4Ω) Quadruple coils
Rated 40-100W / Best 60-80W

V12 Prince X6
(.15Ω) Sextuple coils
Rated 50-120W / Best 80-100W

V12 Prince T10
(.12Ω) Decuple coils
Rated 60-120W / Best 80-110W

V12 Prince M4
(.17Ω) Quadruple coils
Rated 30-70W / Best 40-60W

V12 Prince STRIP
Rated 40-100W / Best 80-90W

V12 Prince MESH
Rated 40-80W / Best 60-70W

V12 Prince Dual MESH
(.2Ω) Dual Coils
Rated 50-80W / Best 65-75W

V12 Prince Triple MESH
(.15Ω) Triple Coils
Rated 60-100W / Best 80-90W

V12 Prince Max MESH
Rated 70-130W / Best 100-120W

V12 Prince X2 CLAPTON
(.4Ω) Dual Coils
Rated 40-80W / Best 60-70W

Known Compatibility:
TFV12 Prince
TFV12 Prince Resin
TFV12 Prince Cobra

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